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Album:Jasper County

Jasper County

Trisha Yearwood

Four years after her last album, 2001’s Inside Out, Trisha Yearwood returns with a solid effort that reclaims her place on country radio, particularly with the evocative, bittersweet ballad “Georgia Rain,” on which her fiancé, Garth Brooks, contributes quiet harmony. Brooks isn’t the only notable guest on Jasper County—Ronnie Dunn drops by on “Try Me,” and Beth Nielsen Chapman (always one of Yearwood’s favorite tunesmiths) harmonizes on “Trying to Love You,” one of the album’s prettiest heartbreak songs. Yearwood varies her repertoire with such…

Album:Inside Out

Inside Out

Trisha Yearwood

After establishing herself as “the Linda Ronstadt of the ‘90s,” Trisha Yearwood seems to be suffering from the sort of hackneyed production that undermined Ronstadt’s career. Despite her impeccable vocal control, she barely finds room to breathe amid coproducer Mark Wright’s cheesy bombast on the album-opening “Love Alone.” The following cut and first single, “I Would’ve Loved You Anyway,” sounds like a Celine Dion ballad that got lost on the way to a movie soundtrack. Fortunately, Yearwood loosens up with the playful bite of Matraca Berg’s “For a While”…

Album:Real Live Woman

Real Live Woman

Trisha Yearwood

Real Live Woman finds Trisha Yearwood fully embracing the inner soft-rocker she’s flirted with for years, and so it makes sense that it’s the most fully realized album of her career. Her Cali-rock jones gets a fix here thanks to a Linda Ronstadt cover (“Try Me Again”) and a guest shot by Jackson Browne on “Sad Eyes,” a Los Angeles-era Springsteen number, but the voice remains hers—a modern-day country girl who’s been uptown and likes it. The result is an album that finds the middle ground between the sonic options won for country radio by the Dixie Chicks,…

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