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Book:Hunting the ghost dancer

Hunting the ghost dancer

A.A Attanasio

Set in the Stone Age, this is the story of a clash between the last of the Neanderthals and the new emerging race of men. Other work by the author includes “Radix”, “In Other Worlds”, “Arc of the Dream”, “Wyvern” and “The Last Legends of Earth”.



A.A Attanasio

A young man’s odyssey of self discovery in a world eerily alien, yet hauntingly familiar. Set thirteen centuries in the future, A. A. Attanasio meticulously creates a brilliantly realized Earth, rich in detail and filled with beings brought to life with intense energy. In this strange and beautiful world, Sumner Kagan will change from an adolescent outcast to a warrior with god-like powers and in the process take us on an epic and transcendent journey.

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