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Book:Old Bones

Old Bones: A Gideon Oliver Mystery

Aaron Elkins

In the flood tides off Mont St. Michel, revered Resistance-hero Guillaume du Rocher is drowned. Already assembled at the Rocher estate to deal with family business, members of the Rocher clan instead read his will. The next day a partial skeleton is found in the cellar and Gideon Oliver, a physical anthropologist, is called to examine the bones. They are those of a young man who died 50 years prior and Gideon believes the deceased was tied to the Resistance movement. When Gideon is threatened, and Claude, Rocher’s principal heir, is poisoned, Gideon begins to…

Book:Old Scores

Old Scores: A Chris Norgren Mystery

Aaron Elkins

The art world is abuzz with news of the discovery of an unknown Rembrandt. Rene Vachey, the famed collector who made the find, wants to donate it to the Seattle Art Museum. But curator Chris Norgren is wary—Vachey has a reputation for dealing in forgeries. But one thing about Vachey is most certainly not a fake—the bullet soon found in his head. Now Chris must find the truth behind the masterpiece and the murder before he’s painted into a corner by a master in the art of killing…

Book:Make No Bones

Make No Bones: A Gideon Oliver Mystery

Aaron Elkins

The Edgar Award-winning author of Old Bones brings back his famed “skeleton detective” for more sleuthing adventures. In Bend, Oregon, for a scientific conference, anthropologist/sleuth Gideon Oliver is faced with a baffling mystery, when the skeletal remains of a famed scientist are discovered—on display at the Natural History Museum.

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