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Blue: A Novel

Abigail Padgett

Blue. It’s an odd nickname left over from childhood and not exactly appropriate for a social psychologist. Then again, nothing about Blue McCarron is conventional. Not the isolation she thinks she enjoys in a half-built California desert motel. Not the torch she carries for Misha, a feminist with a mysterious past who, it has been said, could seduce furniture on a good day. Not even the way she got involved in the bizarre Muffin Crandall case.

Like everyone in the area, Blue knew all about the sixty-one-year-old widow who had confessed to smacking a man on the head with a paperweight and then storing his body in a public freezer for five years. But she didn’t know that Muffin had a brother thirty years her junoir. Now Dan wants Blue to free his sister by analyzing her.

Galvanized by an interesting case and a hefty fee, Blue signs on. To her surprise, she likes Muffin, and doesn’t believe…[more]

Book:Child of Silence

Child of Silence: A Bo Bradley Mystery

Abigail Padgett

Padgett’s gritty and absorbing debut novel featuring a San Diego child abuse investigator evokes the emotional and psychological intensity of Jonathan Kellerman’s bestselling Alex Delaware books. Bo Bradley loves her job as an abuse investigator, but a troubling new case threatens not only a child’s life but her own.

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