Author: Adele Griffin

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Book:Where I Want to Be

Where I Want to Be

Adele Griffin

Once, Jane was the big sister, teaching Lily to play make believe and protecting her from thunderstorms. But then Lily grew up. She started making friends and dating boys, while Jane wanted to go on playing make believe forever. For Jane, the line between fantasy and reality had always blurred, whereas Lily lived for a future bright with expectation and change. Inevitably, the sisters found a gulf widening between them- Lily reveling in her newfound love, while Jane could only watch, frustrated, from the sidelines. How had her little sister managed to eclipse her?

Then tragedy struck. But the story was not over….

Adele Griffin has crafted a spellbinding book, told in the alternating voices of two very different sisters dwelling on opposite sides of life and death, who are bravely trying to overcome the void and bring light to each other.

Book:Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty

Adele Griffin

Nobody knows the American Revolution better than Rock Kindle. He takes pride in his patriotic forefathers and believes that he too could brave any combat. But when he helps his best friend run away from home, Rock begins to question the bonds that hold his own family together.

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