Author: Aileen Schumacher

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Book:Framework For Death

Framework For Death: A Tory Travers/David Alvarez Mystery

Aileen Schumacher

Answers are few and far between when El Paso Police Detective David Alvarez is called to investigate an unexplained collapse in the residence of an affluent matron. The dead home owner and another unidentified body are discovered in the basement in what appears to be a concealed room. If this isn’t enough to figure out—a live, unidentified infant is discovered upstairs.

When Alvarez calls in engineer Tory Travers to figure out what happened to cause the collapse, the media turns the case into a circus. Soon Alvarez is dealing with an alleged drug king, his DEA shadow, a mystery woman who unapologetically works outside the law, and Tory’s inclination to go searching for solutions on her own. While Tory and her foreman look for the builder of the secret room, her son and the infant son of Alvarez’s partner are threatened if they don’t drop the case.

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