Author: Alan M. Clark

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Book:Siren Promised

Siren Promised

Jeremy Robert Johnson, Alan M. Clark

Angie Smith and Curtis Loew are having dreams they can’t shake. At the heart of each is Angie’s daughter, Kaya. Angie’s dreams end in death, the spreading of hand-shaped bruises across her daughter’s throat. Curtis’ dreams end in something else, something closer to obsession than love.

Angie is worlds away, trying to keep her drug-shattered mind from falling apart, traveling through an American underbelly filled with inhuman shapes, dark whispers and old friends with empty eyes.

Curtis is Kaya’s new neighbor. He’s getting closer to her, and her mentally unstable grandmother, Colleen. He’s had families before, but he’d always made mistakes. Mistakes that led to new names, new towns. But this one time, he swears, things will all work out. He’s got so much love to give.

Book:The Paint in My Blood

The Paint in My Blood

Alan M. Clark

This 152 page full-color book contains over 130 paintings by World Fantasy Award-winner Alan M. Clark. Includes commentary by the artist on his process, techniques, the philosophies behind his approach to illustration and his career in the freelance business. There is a CD in the back of the book which contains a film of Alan M. Clark demonstrating spontaneous painting techniques and animations of several of the paintings in the book painting themselves.

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