Author: Alan Russell

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Book:Multiple Wounds

Multiple Wounds

Alan Russell

Holly Troy is a multiple, one of those damaged souls with dissociative identity disorder who spins out personalities like spiders spin webs—knock one down and another will replace it. This daughter of a classics scholar has other selves that are no mere mortals: they include Nemesis, Pandora, the Fates, Cronos, Eris, and Eurydice—and one frightened five-year-old child. Holly is a beautiful and talented artist whose only sanctuary is her art.

But now her gallery owner has been murdered and her body left in a garden surrounded by Holly’s sculptures. The horror is that Holly doesn’t know where she was when the killing occurred. She doesn’t know whether she witnessed a murder or even committed one that night. In fact, she’s not even certain who she was when the killing occurred.

When Detective Orson Cheever was assigned to investigate the murder of gallery owner Bonnie Gill, the gods were not smiling.…[more]

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