Author: Alexis Deacon

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Alexis Deacon

Beegu is not supposed to be here. She is lost. She is a friendly little alien, but Earth creatures don't seem very welcoming at all. Although so far she has only met the big ones . . .

A stunning, original picture book from one of the world's most exciting new author-illustrators.



Russell Hoban, Alexis Deacon

Two internationally acclaimed artists create a groundbreaking, genre-defying adventure to transcend time, place, and identity.

In the cold north where the white wind blows lives Sixteen-Face John, a shaman. His wife is expecting their first child—a “soonchild.” But Soonchild won’t come out! So John sets out to find the World Songs that inspire all soonchildren to leave the womb. Along the way, he must shift shape and size, converse with animals and ancestors, and face demons and death. But he also pursues an elusive golden-eyed presence that hints at a connection with his past. This breathtaking novel, as exciting as it is spooky, is a lyrical tribute to the forces of nature, magic, and family.

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