Author: Ann Kelley

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Book:The Bower Bird

The Bower Bird: A Novel

Ann Kelley

Death: I know, or I think I know that death will only be nothingness, but I don’t want oblivion yet. I want to smell honeysuckle in the dark, I want to hear my cat greet me with her special purring mew; I want to smell old books. I want everything, clouds, sunshine, I want to see a whale—I’ve never seen a whale. I even want to hear the terrifying sound of the sea in a storm. I want a boy to kiss me one day. I want to run along a beach again. I want to go to America and Australia. There are so many books I want to read. I want to live.

Gussie lives in Cornwall and, like most 12-year-olds, is quickly growing up. She is also awaiting news of a heart transplant operation. When Gussie moves from the coast to a new house in town, she rebels, discovers her ancestors and an interest in photography, falls in love and has parent troubles; all whilst experiencing general adolescent angst and trying not to wait for what…[more]

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