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Book:The Proteus Effect

The Proteus Effect: Stem Cells and Their Promise for Medicine

Ann Parson

“Stem cells hold particular promise for unlocking life-saving secrets of the cell…”—National Academy of Sciences

Cutting edge stem cell research could pave the way to a bold new era in medicine, providing cell-based treatments—perhaps even cures—for scores of diseases and illnesses. But what exactly are these biological wonders—these things called stem cells? And what promise do they really hold for medicine? As acclaimed author Ann Parson suggests, one way to measure the future is to first search back through the past to take stock of how humans have gradually awakened to these distinctive, often camouflaged, cells in our midst and slowly come to recognize their worth.

The story of stem cell technologies is at once compelling, controversial, and remarkable. Part detective story, part medical…[more]

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