Author: Anne Fine

British writer.


Book:Flour Babies

Flour Babies

Anne Fine

Eleven days into The Great Flour Baby Experiment, the rest of the boys in Room 8—the classroom for underachievers and troublemakers— are ready to drop-kick their six-pound flour “babies” into the creek, but not Simon. He’s keeping his flour baby clean and dry, maintaining its weight, and never, never leaving its side, even if the rest of the class thinks he’s crazy.

Maybe he is. But Simon’s flour baby is helping Simon figure out his own life—why his father walked out on him, and how strong his mother is, raising him alone. In fact, Simon might not be able to give up his flour baby as the day of the giant, glorious Flour Free-for-All approaches….



Anne Fine

Kitty Killin is not only a good storyteller but also the World's Expert when it comes to mothers having new and unwanted boyfriends. That's why she's sent to talk to Helly Johnston in the dark privacy of the lost property cupboard, and why she tells the story of her mother and Gerald Faulkner.

Book:The Tulip Touch

The Tulip Touch

Anne Fine

Nobody wants Tulip in their gang. She skives off school, cheeks the teachers, and makes herself unpopular with her classmates by telling awful lies. None of this matters to Natalie who finds her exciting, but as Tulip’s games become dangerous, Natalie realises that she is going too far.

Book:The Jamie and Angus Stories

The Jamie and Angus Stories

Anne Fine, Penny Dale

From the moment Jamie sets eyes on Angus in the shop window, with his silky white coat and forlorn stare, he just knows that they belong together. On Christmas morning, they’re finally united and soon the toy Highland Bull is Jamie’s constant companion. Jamie and Angus. Angus and Jamie. Read about their funny adventures in these six enchanting stories by the British Children’s Laureate.

Book:The Road of Bones

The Road of Bones

Anne Fine

Told who to cheer for, who to believe in, Yuri grows up in a country where no freedom of thought is encouraged - where even one's neighbours are encouraged to report any dissension to the authorities. But it is still a shock when a few careless words lead him to a virtual death-sentence - sent on a nightmare journey up north to a camp amidst the frozen wastes. What, or who, can he possibly believe in now? Can he even survive? And is escape possible ... ?

Book:Up On Cloud Nine

Up On Cloud Nine

Anne Fine

Ian’s best friend, Stolly, is up on cloud nine. He’s in the hospital, unconscious, and hooked up to machines. The question Ian is trying to answer is: How did Stolly end up there?

In a way, Stolly’s always been on cloud nine, living life by his own rules and making those rules up as he goes along. His parents’ careers have them constantly rushing around, so Ian’s family has all but adopted Stolly. That’s why it’s up to Ian to figure out what happened to his best friend. But once the pieces start coming together, the answer doesn’t seem to make any sense.

A characteristically funny, moving, life-affirming novel about a most remarkable character and the truly inspirational effect he has on everyone he meets.

Book:Madame Doubtfire

Madame Doubtfire

Anne Fine

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