Author: Barbara Jaye Wilson

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Book:Death Brims Over

Death Brims Over: A Brenda Midnight Mystery

Barbara Jaye Wilson

Meet Brenda Midnight

She’s a savvy young designer with her own hat shop, who has never even thought of chasing crooks. But when crime invades her cobblestone Greenwich Village neighborhood and the cops don’t have a clue, Brenda has to drop everything, including her hats, to catch a thief. . .and a killer.

Chasing The Lady In Pink

There’s big money to be made if Brenda and her dress designer friend Carla can create the high society wedding of the year. Carla’s covering the bride and her maids with dresses to die for, and Brenda’s doing the hats. But just as Brenda’s finishing the last of the exquisite headgear, she’s held up by a woman in a hot pink suit, who escapes with the entire collection.…[more]

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