Author: Bart Kosko

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Bart Kosko

William Gibson meets Tom Clancy in this brilliant and chilling cyberthriller set in the multimedia world of the near furture—where oil is running out, wars are smart, and intelligent software agents may be the only friends you can trust.

In the year 2030—when the world has doubled in population and no one escape the prying eyes of the State—John Grant wants to save the Earth from its addiction to oil and get rich in the process. But the revolutionary new molecule he has patented—an astonishing advance that can split water and produce a virtually limitless supply of cheap feul hydrogen—has marked him as a traitor to his country…and as a target. Sufi mystic, genius mathematician and master terrorist Hamid Tabriz wants Grant’s patent and his mind. Now both goals are within Tabriz’s reach, thanks to a chip he has perfected which enables him to place his own mind in another’s head.

An increasingly chaotic world is racing toward annihilation. And John Grant will have to defend it—and himself—from a disembodied place far beyond the confines of space and time: in Nanotime.

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