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Book:Dear Nobody

Dear Nobody

Berlie Doherty

It was only once, but she's pregnant. When Helen discovers she is expecting a baby, she cuts off her relationshop with Chris, the boyfriend she loves very much. She's confused and tormented, and so is he. Separately, the two high school seniors must come to terms with their childs future - and their own. A riveting and unforgettable love story.

Book:Granny Was a Buffer Girl

Granny Was a Buffer Girl

Berlie Doherty

I wanted to tell Mum something I'd never been able to say to her before. If I left it till I came back home I might never be able to say it. I might be a different person.

It's the day before Jess leaves home to live in France for a year and she's scared. Everyone and everything she has ever known is here, and she doesn't want anything to change. It's what she's scared of most. Jess has a terrible secret and if she goes away the person who comes back might never be able to let it out. But when sitting together with the various generations of her family, and each of their secrets and stories are told, it seems to Jess that change is a part of everyone's lives. And maybe, just maybe, that's not such a bad thing after all...

Book:Jinnie Ghost

Jinnie Ghost

Berlie Doherty, Jane Ray

Introducing Jinnie Ghost, thin as the wind, with hair as white as the feathers of owls and eyes like water. Jinnie whispers dreams to children as they sleep. She brings Charlotte's dolls to life, makes Amy's carpet bubble with frogs and toads and conjures up a giant to carry Joe away shoulder-high to his castle in the sky. But the break of dawn takes Jinnie away...and the children wake to a new day, brushing wonder from their eyes. This perfectly-pitched poem takes readers on a thrilling fantasy journey, raising a shiver or two on the way, but returning them safe and sound in the morning.

Book:Willa and old Miss Annie

Willa and Old Miss Annie

Berlie Doherty

This book is about a little girl called Willa, who moves with her family to a new home, where she meets Old Miss Annie. At first Annie is afraid of the old woman because of her woolly hair and tiny voice and bumpy, twisted hands. But soon they become the best of friends. One of the things that they have in common is a great love of animals, which is at the heart of these three warm and enchanting country tales, featuring respectively a goat, a pony and a fox.

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