Author: Beth Saulnier

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Book:The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall: An Alex Bernier Mystery

Beth Saulnier

After a near-lethal confrontation with a serial killer, reporter Alex Bernier is happy to cover a nice, dull story on the hapless attempts to save a grand old theater in her upstate New York college town. But when the body of a long-vanished actress turns up in the wreckage and the theater’s advocates start dying off, Alex is at odds with one strange troupe of suspects: a duplicitous former child star, a cadre of Martha Stewart-esque academic wives with nasty secrets, and a vicious mob boss. Again, Alex must play detective, sorting illusion from deadly truth-and, with luck, outwitting a murderer determined to bring the curtain down on her act.


Distemper: An Alex Bernier Mystery

Beth Saulnier

Distemper, the sequel to Reliable Sources, picks up a year after the first mystery ends.

Twentysomething journalist Alex Bernier is still trying to get over the death of her cop-reporter lover when she gets caught up in an even more dangerous case in her eccentric Upstate New York college town. Someone is killing women in Gabriel. They’re found in the woods, naked and strangled but their dogs simply disappear. As Alex covers a series of stories ranging from serial murder to animal-rights zealotry, she’s in danger of becoming the killer’s next victim. Along the way, she clashes with ambitious newshounds, an anonymous stalker, and a big-city police detective a straight-laced guy with whom she just might take another stab at romance.

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