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Gargoyles: A Novel

Bill Gaston

Book:Mount Appetite

Mount Appetite

Bill Gaston

Mount Appetite presents 12 vibrant, intensely human tales of desire and alienation.

“Everyone at the top of Mt. Appetite is as close as they can get to heaven. It’s work to get there and agony to be denied.” Whether a salmon researcher, professional taster, illiterate faith healer, or Malcolm Lowry’s illegitimate son, the protagonists in these sly and witty stories have all climbed the mountain, and all share a restless, relentless longing that they struggle to satiate through alcohol, drugs, sex, or schemes of the heart.

Bill Gaston, author of the critically acclaimed The Good Body, evinces a remarkable dexterity of voice as he moves effortlessly among his colorful cast of characters, drawing the junkie with the same skill and compassion as the teenaged 7-11 clerk. Grotesque, unsettling, and oddly tender, Mount Appetite is short fiction at its finest.

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