Author: Bill Richardson

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Book:After Hamelin

After Hamelin

Bill Richardson

Implicit in many folk and fairy tales is the question, “Then what?”

After Hamelin picks up the story where the Robert Browning poem—or other tellings of The Pied Piper of Hamelin—leaves off. In a quest that is both contemporary and timeless, Richardson creates a magical world through inventive wordplay, uninhibited imagination and a facility with rhyme. Here is a raconteur who spins a narrative tale that takes readers into strange lands inhabited by unusual characters, both good and evil, where adventure abounds and unlikely saviors emerge.

Penelope is 101 years old, but she can remember the story like it happened yesterday. On the morning of her eleventh birthday, she wakes to discover she can no longer hear. It is on this same day that the Piper returns to Hamelin to spirit the children away in an evil act of revenge upon the townspeople. Spared because she is deaf to the Piper’s bewitching tune, Penelope is…[more]

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