Author: Bob Shaw

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Book:The Ragged Astronauts

The Ragged Astronauts

Bob Shaw

Land and Overland—twin worlds a few thousand miles apart. On Land, humanity faces a threat to its very survival—an airborne species, the ptertha, has declared war on humankind, and is actively hunting for victims. The only hope lies in migration. Through space to Overland. By balloon.

The Ragged Astronauts—first volume in an epic adventure filled with memorable characters, intense action, engaging notions, exotic locales.



Bob Shaw

Fleeing Elizabeth Lindstrom’s anger at the death of her son, Vance Garamond, a flickerwing commander, leaves the solar system far behind. Pursued by Earth’s space fleet, Garamond finds a vast, alien-built spherical structure which might just change the destiny of the human race.

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