Author: Brian Garfield

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Book:Hopscotch (Brian Garfield)


Brian Garfield

Since being forced into retirement by the CIA, Miles Kendig had tried everything in an effort to satisfy his hunger for excitement. But he could not recreate the ultimate conflict of life or death with no rules, the experience of pitting himself against the enemy with no holds barred.

Despite his bitterness at being shelved by the CIA, Miles was still scrupulously American—so when he found himself tempted by an offer from the Russians, he realized the time had come for him to put up or give up.

Miles has been waiting, carefully planning, for years—and, finally, he’s ready. By threatening to expose the espionage secrets of the major powers, he set himself up as the quarry of an international manhunt. Now he would either prove to himself that after twenty-five years of playing the game he was still a winner, or he would meet his death at the hands of younger men.

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