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Brian Stableford

What is Luck? If it exists at all, where does it come from, and how does it operate? Is it a supernatural force? A genetic gift? Or a quantum phenomenon, a knack for adjusting probability in just the right way? In Streaking, Brian Stableford, one of Britain's most honoured SF and fantasy authors, tackles these questions with all his customary flair, invention, intense logic, and dark wit.

Canny Kilcannon, heir to the earldom of Credesdale in Yorkshire, is an extremely lucky man, the scion of a long dynasty of extremely lucky men. Unlike his dour and cautious ancestors, he believes in taking material advantage of his hereditary good fortune: as a playboy gambler, he cruises the casinos of the world, winning steadily yet cleverly and calculatedly, so as not to draw undue attention. But a particular defiance of the odds in Monte Carlo is noticed, both by a criminal gang and by Lissa Lo, a beautiful…[more]

Book:The Empire of Fear

The Empire of Fear

Brian Stableford

Since the sixteenth century, England has been a land ruled by the Undead. Vampires rule with terror and the darkly-seductive promise of life eternal for the lucky few. Edmund Cordery, member of the cabal pledged to penetrate the mysteries of the vampires and destroy them, strike the first blow. But it will fall to his son, Noell, to carry on the crusade of human against inhuman. And it will fall to those who come after Noell to keep the struggle alive for over three centuries—from England to Malta to modern-day America, where destiny will decide finally whether the forces of horror or humanity will hold sway over all….

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