Author: Bridget Crowley

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Book:Feast of Fools

Feast of Fools

Bridget Crowley

People say that John is lucky to be taken in by the choir school. But it’s hard for John to feel grateful for being cold and hungry, constantly bullied, and punished by the canons for things he didn’t do.

John’s friendship with another chorister, Hugh, makes life seem a little less bleak. And the Feast of Fools is coming—an annual festival and procession culminating in a great banquet. For one day of the festival, a chorister is chosen to be the Boy Bishop, performing the clergy’s duties in the cathedral. This year Hugh has been selected. But sinister forces are at work and, on the night of the feast, a canon is found murdered. Then Hugh disappears. Only John, the outsider, dares to probe the dark heart of the cathedral to discover the startling truth.

Set amid the harsh and prejudicial landscape of medieval Britain, Feast of Fools is a fast-paced mystery that will grip readers completely from the beginning all the way to the surprising conclusion.

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