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Book:Dark Matters: Poems

Dark Matters: Poems

Bruce Boston, Daniele Serra

A collection of dark poetry by one of the industry’s finest craftsman. Beautifully illustrated by Daniele Serra.

Whether he’s writing about an errant siren, a grimoire, a vulture, or the apocalyptic implosion of our way of life, Boston does it with stunning and unexpected complexity. There is a sense of completeness to his poems, a sense that he has turned the thing around and looked at it from every angle. He offers insights that are startling in their clarity, and—after he’s shown them to us—completely logical. This is a laudable achievement in and of itself, but the fact that he can balance his eye for detail and his intuition about character with a poet’s ear for the lyrical joy of language is awe-inspiring. —Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Quarantined

Book:The Nightmare Collection

The Nightmare Collection

Bruce Boston

The Nightmare Collection is a brand new poetry collection from the Bram Stoker Award winning poet of Pitchblende, and Shades Fantastic. The prolific SFPA Grandmaster brings us sixty poems collected from places like Asimov’s SF Magazine, Dark Wisdom, Strange Horizons, Talebones, Weird Tales, and includes new works as well.

Book:Shades Fantastic

Shades Fantastic

Bruce Boston

Bruce Boston’s poetry collection contains 37 works, including the winner of the 2005 Asimov’s Readers’Award, “Heavy Weather”, and five poems that are appearing for the first time anywhere. Boston’s powerful, sweeping creations are enhanced by black and white illustrations by the award-winning Marge Simon.



Bruce Boston

Pitchblend by Bruce Boston collects thirty-two new and previously published poems. Selected and with an Introduction by Michael Arnzen. Illustrated by Marge Simon.

Poems included are “Flesh Bone Blood,” “The Lesions of Genetic Sin,” “Like an Addict Glowing,” “Alien Quarry,” “Pavane for a Cyber-Princess,” “The Canticles of Rage,” “In Far Pale Clarity,” “Ghost Blood,” “The Prince Comes in Velvet,” “She Was There for Him the Last Time,” and twenty-two other poems.

“…Pitchblende is radioactive. It’s a mineralized form of uranium oxide-black and hard and dangerous. It looks something like crystallized coal cracked right out of the gates of hell; it’s darker than tar and stronger than time and its lethal nature is sneaky and invisible and inescapable once you’ve touched it. Killer rock.

A fitting metaphor for the rock solid poetry of Bruce Boston. It’s scary, powerful stuff. And it’s got a half-life that will outlive you. This poetry stands the test of time…” From the introduction by Michael Arnzen

Book:Notes from the Shadow City

Notes from the Shadow City

Gary William Crawford, Bruce Boston

“In Notes from the Shadow City, Crawford and Boston distill a bleak dystopian vision. Alone or together, and utilizing poetry, prose, and photographic images, they have crafted a guidebook, a Baedeker to the same outliers as chronicled by Dostoyevsky, Kafka, and Orwell, where shadows are more real than the gnomons that cast them, and the predominant colors come from the stripped-down underside of the rainbow.”—Robert Borski, author of Blood Wallah and Other Poems

Book:Surrealities (Bruce Boston)


Bruce Boston

“Reflect that science fiction owes its greatest unpaid debt to surrealism, for suspending our disbelief in an invented future works best when our critical faculties are distracted and engaged by images from the unconscious. Now comes science fiction poetry’s greatest practitioner, Bruce Boston, to repay a part of this debt in Surrealities, which is at once an introduction to the uninitiated, a handbook for the journeyman seeking to gain masters and an intoxication for those of us who fancy ourselves connoisseurs of the strange.” —Lee Ballentine, author of Dream Protocols

“In his latest collection, Boston plumbs a surrealistic orientation, expressing ‘the wonders and horrors of existence’ as well as imaginative visions ‘enhanced by sensations visceral and cranial.’ Through unrestrained and mutinous explorations of narrative and portraiture, as well as the occasional splash of humor and well placed non sequitur, Boston utterly transcends…[more]

Book:Double Visions

Double Visions

Bruce Boston

In Double Visions, SFPA Grandmaster Poet Bruce Boston collaborates with ten other poets, including fellow Grandmaster Robert Frazier, Bram Stoker Award winner Marge Simon and Asimov’s Readers’ Award winner G.O. Clark. Includes seven Rhysling nominees, the winner of the Odyssey Poetry Award, and the winner of the Locus Online Poetry Poll for best All-Time SF, Fantasy, or Horror poem.

Double Visions explores and articulates the alien countryside that lies just behind the facade of ordinary existence and examines the elusive, fleeting shadows where fundamental truths reside. I came away from this collection with an enhanced appreciation for the richness, strangeness, horror, delight, and utter beauty of our kind’s brief sojourn in the cosmos.”—from the introduction by J.L. Comeau

Book:North Left of Earth

North Left of Earth

Bruce Boston

From mutations of our own world, to life on other planets, to journeys through the depths of space, travel with SFPA Grandmaster Poet Bruce Boston as he explores realms North Left of Earth.

“These are the poems of an older, wiser poet who has visited the future and come back to tell all. With insight and dark humor he shares his fantastical encounters with aliens and humans alike, providing in the end a scrapbook full of truly amazing memories. Boston is at the top of his game in North Left Of Earth.” —G. O. Clark, author of Strange Vegetables

North Left of Earth proves once again that Bruce Boston is our great living master of speculative poetry. Poems like his ‘…People’ series and ‘Future Texts’ show with what perfect pitch he manages to blend the sometimes very different melodies of science fiction and poetry. Phenomenal work—and very enjoyable reads, too.” —Howard V. Hendrix, author of Spears of God

Book:The Guardener's Tale

The Guardener's Tale

Bruce Boston

“A gripping dystopia wickedly extrapolated from our present. Boston brings to bear his narrative genius on this noir tale of a love triange in a society gone mad, probing the way technology and science alter our reality. Transcending genre, ”The Guardener’s Tale" combines suspense and breathtaking plot twists with macabre humor. Involving, compelling, a masterwork.“—Mary Turzillo, author of ”An Old-Fashioned Martian Girl"

Book:Night Smoke

Night Smoke

Bruce Boston

Book:White Space

White Space

Bruce Boston

White Space brings together 38 previously uncollected poems, including ten originals, four Rhysling Award nominees, and the 2001 Rhysling Winner (Science Fiction Poetry Association) for the best short poem of the year, “My Wife Returns As She Would Have It,” reprinted from Asimov’s Science Fiction.

Book:The Complete Accursed Wives

The Complete Accursed Wives

Bruce Boston

Five short stories and 35 poems reprinted from the pages of Asimov's SF, Amazing, Weird Tales, SF Age and other leading genre publications. Includes winners of the Asimov Readers Choice Award and the Best of Soft SF Award. Five original illustrations by Allen Koszowski.

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