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Book:The Drowning Girl

The Drowning Girl

Caitlín R. Kiernan

India Morgan Phelps—Imp to her friends—is schizophrenic. Struggling with her perceptions of reality, Imp must uncover the truth about her encounters with creatures out of myth-or from something far, far stranger…

Book:Two Worlds and in Between

Two Worlds and in Between: The Best of Caitlín R. Kiernan

Caitlín R. Kiernan

Caitlín R. Kiernan’s short fiction was first published in 1995. Over the intervening decade and a half, she has proven not only one of dark fantasy and science fiction’s most prolific and versatile authors, but, to quote Ramsey Campbell, “One of the most accomplished writers in the field, and very possibly the most lyrical.” S. T. Joshi has written, “Kiernan’s witchery of words creates a mesmerizing effect that we haven’t seen since the days of Lovecraft and Bradbury.”

Two Worlds and In Between: The Best of Caitlín R. Kiernan (Volume One) presents a stunning retrospective of the first ten years of her work, a compilation of more than two hundred thousand words of short fiction, including many of her most acclaimed stories, as well as some of the author’s personal favorites, several previously uncollected, hard-to-find pieces, and her sf novella, The Dry Salvages, and a rare collaboration with Poppy Z. Brite. Destined to become the definitive look at the early…[more]

Book:To Charles Fort, with Love

To Charles Fort, with Love

Caitlín R. Kiernan

To Charles Fort, With Love is award-winning fantasist Caitlín R. Kiernan’s third collection of short fiction, a haunting parade of the terrible things which may lie beyond the boundaries of science, the minds which may exist beyond psychology, and the forbidden places which will never be located in any orthodox globe. To quote the object of Kiernan’s affection, meta-poet and arch-enemy of dogma Charles Hoy Fort, “The little harlots will caper, and freaks will distract attention, and the clowns will break the rhythm of the whole with their buffooneries—but the solidity of the procession as a whole: the impressiveness of things that pass and pass and pass, and keep on and keep on and keep on coming.” A deceptively even dozen, this collection includes Kiernan’s celebrated stories “Onion” and “Andromeda Among the Stones,” as well as a number of more obscure pieces. Though Kiernan was recently praised as “the new Lovecraft,” these stories stand as testimony that she will never be merely the “new” anyone, that hers is a unique and demanding voice entirely unlike any other.



Caitlín R. Kiernan

A troubled young woman delves into the past to discover the secret of a strange fossil that—according to all laws of nature—couldn’t exist. But it did. And still does.



Caitlín R. Kiernan

They are twentysomething misfits…society’s castoffs…urban strays looking for thrill. Something cheap, anything to get them through the night. Only their music is different. Sleepwalking on caffeine, nicotine, and drugs, they wait out the dawn in death-rock clubs and shadowy back alleys.

Into their midst comes the enigmatic Spyder. A patron saint of the aliented and lost, she invites them into her mesmerizing world of ritual and ceremony, blood and fire…a realm of vengeful gods, of exiled spirits harboring the dark secrets of Hell—and the darker secrets of Heaven. Is she their guardian angel, forcing them to face their greatest fears even as she battles to save their ravaged souls? Or a much more terrifying force sent not to redeem but to destroy?

Somewhere between sanity and madness lies the shocking, vivid imagination of this extraordinary new writer. A novel unlike anything you have ever read, Silk will change the texture of modern horror forever.

Book:The Ammonite Violin & Others

The Ammonite Violin: & Others

Caitlín R. Kiernan

One of contemporary dark fantasy’s most bewitching and distinctive voices is back with another banquet of the weird and unexpected. “Kiernan creates her own light in this remarkable collection, and shines it on dark places. In doing so, she gives us gritty, lyrical, horrible, beautiful truths.” (Jeff VanderMeer in his introduction)

In The Ammonite Violin & Others, the author rises to meet the high expectations she set with such collections as Tales of Pain and Wonder, A is for Alien, and the World Fantasy Award-nominated To Charles Fort, With Love. Within these pages, you’ll discover a dazzling suite of stories situated on the borderlands between the unspeakbale and the erotic, the grotesque and the sublime. Here are stories of dream and metamorphosis, strange lands and beings existing beyond the veil of death and beyond this earth. Here is a selkie who’s lost her sealskin, a woman with a blackhole in her heart, a fairie girl…[more]

Book:The Red Tree

The Red Tree

Caitlin R. Kiernan

Sarah Crowe left Atlanta, and the remnants of a tumultuous relationship, to live alone in an old house in rural Rhode Island. Within its walls she discovers an unfinished manuscript written by the house’s former tenant—a parapsychologist obsessed with the ancient oak growing on a desolate corner of the property. And as the gnarled tree takes root in her imagination, Sarah risks her health and her sanity to unearth a revelation planted centuries ago…

Book:Murder of Angels

Murder of Angels

Caitlín R. Kiernan

Ten years ago, Niki Ky and Daria Parker saw something unspeakable in an old house in Birmingham, Alabama. Daria has denied it, escaping into a frantic music career and various addictions. But Niki has not had so many distractions. Diagnosed schizophrenic, she’s lost years in a haze of therapy and anti-psychotics.

But now, Niki’s dead lover, Spyder Baxter, is calling to her from another world-an alien, impossible place where Niki is known as a Hierophant, a feared prophesied sorceress who can open a portal between worlds. And Daria will finally have to face what really happened ten years ago, if she’s to help Niki save a world…or destroy it.

Book:Tales of Pain and Wonder

Tales of Pain and Wonder

Caitlín R. Kiernan

Through the unflinching lens of her exquisite prose, in Tales of Pain and Wonder Kiernan explores a surreal world where the fantastic and the mundane are never separated by more than the insubstantial thickness of a shadow. From the murderous back streets of New Orleans to an abandoned shipyard on the Hudson River, from sun-weary Los Angeles to a maze of dank and forgotten tunnels beneath Manhattan, these stories present a landscape at once alien and undeniably familiar.

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