Author: Carlos Lopez

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Book:Adios Muchachos

Adios Muchachos

Daniel Chavarria, Carlos Lopez

Following the success of Outcast by Jose Latour, Akashic presents the second in a line of Cuban noir, straight outta Havana. The first suspense novel in English translation by internationally acclaimed Uruguayan mystery writer Daniel Chavarría, Adios Muchachos is a dark, erotic, brutally funny romp through the sexual underworld and black-market boardrooms of post–Cold War Cuba. Seen through Chavarría’s compassionate but uncompromising eyes, present-day Havana is a crossroads for petty hustlers looking for an easy mark, two-time losers looking for a fresh start, and high-rolling international speculators looking to take advantage of them all.

The novel describes the ill-fated alliance between Alicia, a stunningly beautiful prostitute who openly displays her voluptuous wares by bicycle on the city streets, and Victor King, a desperately ambitious Canadian businessman with an enormous appetite…[more]

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