Author: Caroline Carver

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Book:Blood Junction

Blood Junction: A Novel

Caroline Carver

In 1952, in a dusty, remote region of Australia, an Aboriginal family was executed by men wielding machetes. A half century later, a tall, beautiful young reporter who has made a life for herself abroad returns to Australia—and plunges into a mystery that lies at the heart of a family, a friendship, and a nation. Traveling to the Outback where the massacre occurred, India Kane is here to meet her best friend Lauren, a fellow journalist who has a story she wants India to hear.

Then, almost immediately after her arrival in the small, sun-bleached desert town known as Blood Junction, India is implicated in two murders. A stranger to the dark forces at work in this isolated, alienating world, India begins to play a dangerous game with the law and trusts a cop who is an outcast in his own right.

Now trying to find the answers to the crimes—and how they relate to the terrible bloodletting fifty years earlier—India…[more]

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