Author: Caroline Stutson

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Book:By the Light of the Halloween Moon

By the Light of the Halloween Moon

Caroline Stutson, Kevin Hawkes

In the dead of night, they gather under an old wooden bridge - a spying cat, a watchful witch, a hobgoblin sprite, and their scary companions. But on the bridge sits a brave young girl who'd rather play a trick than be gobbled up as a treat! This giant Halloween favorite is perfect for classroom sharing.

Book:Cats' Night Out

Cats' Night Out

Caroline Stutson, Jon Klassen

From two cats waltzing to twenty cats in a conga line, dancing felines take to the streets, the fire escapes, and the rooftops in this charming concept picture book that is part counting and part introduction to music, dance, and rhythm. The short rhyming text makes it a perfect read-aloud treat, and with vivid illustrations from a breakout DreamWorks animator, readers and listeners alike will be thrilled to see what happens one night on Easy Street when a pair of cats start to groove to the beat.

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