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Book:Something Wicked

Something Wicked: A Death on Demand Mystery

Carolyn G. Hart

Something has poisoned a local summer stock production of Arsenic and Old Lace as cast members stab each other in the back and props are sabotaged. Worst of all, the star, an aging Hollywood beach-blanket hunk, butchers his lines—while getting top billing in bed with wives and teenage daughters around town. No wonder someone decides to draw his final curtain. A pompous prosecutor tries to pin the murder on Max, Annie Laurance’s own leading man. Unless Annie can prove Max’s innocence, their wedding date’s off. Annie checks the greasepaint and glitter of backstage life. She’ll be next to star in a knock-’em dead scene if she doesn’t watch it because theatrical murderers never play fair.

Book:A Little Class on Murder

A Little Class on Murder

Carolyn G. Hart

When mystery bookstore owner Annie Laurance is invited to teach “The Three Great Ladies of the Mystery” class at Chastain Community College, the sometime sleuth discovers that all is not strictly academic in Chastain’s hallowed halls of learning. And when a shocking scandal in the school newspaper erupts in a suicide and two violent deaths, Professor Laurance enlists the talents of her new hubby, private eye Max Darling, and dons her thinking cap to probe intrigue and vengeance among Chastain’s faculty.

Max and Annie, with dubious help from three of their own great ladies of the mystery—Annie’s pixilated mother-in-law, a batty local dowager, and a Christie crime fanatic—learn that just about everyone at the school had means, motive, and access to the murder weapons. From the secretly boozing professor of advertising to the muscle-bound campus cad who barters passing grades for a little extracurricular activity, anyone on the faculty is a possible killer—waiting to strike again!

Book:Letter from Home

Letter from Home

Carolyn G. Hart

World-renowned journalist G. G. Gilman does her best not to think of the past. But one day she gets a letter—sent from the small Oklahoma town where she grew up—that brings it all back. Memories of people she had once known and loved dearly—and of the sultry summer when her life changed forever…

In the summer of 1944, Gretchen Gilman was working as a reporter at the local newspaper. Her assignments weren’t very exciting—she mostly wrote about local boys just back from the war—but it was a good opportunity for a young woman with talent and ambition to spare. Gretchen knew better than anyone what people in town were talking about. And that summer they were talking about Faye Tatum.

Just hours after Faye was found dead in her own living room, the speculation began. Murdered, people said, by her jealous…[more]

Book:Dead Man's Island

Dead Man's Island: A Henrie O. Mystery

Carolyn G. Hart

Few men would respond to an attempt on their life with an invitation to the killer to try again. But arrogant, daredevil media magnate Chase Prescott has done just that, while issuing an urgent summons to the one person he trusts to point out the would-be murderer…his long-ago colleague and lover, retired newshound Henrietta O’Dwyer Collins.

After a lifetime covering disasters and revolutions, murders and public scandals, Henrie O is more than content to confine her energy to writing mysteries. And her feelings of unease only increase when she arrives at Chase’s opulent house on his private island off the South Carolina coast—an island that has more than earned its name. It seems that Chase, with his usual high-octane charm and confidence, never called the police when cyanide-laced candy nearly killed him in his New York home. Instead, he has assembled on Dead Man’s Island everyone who could have planted the lethal dose: Miranda, his lovely unstable young wife;…[more]

Book:Honeymoon with Murder

Honeymoon with Murder

Carolyn G. Hart

Mystery Bookstore owner Annie Laurance is well-acquainted with murder, but she never imagined one taking place on her honeymoon! A marvelous spoof of New Age mumbo jumbo by an author whose work has been compared to that of Agatha Christie.

Book:Death on the River Walk

Death on the River Walk: A Henrie O. Mystery

Carolyn G. Hart

Carolyn Hart is one of America’s best-loved mystery writers-a multiple award-winning architect of ingenious puzzles set in atmospheric locales, featuring men and women both intriguingly complex and achingly human. And no character is more complex or human than sixty-something sleuth Henrie O, whose decades of newspapering have taught her that every fact is suspect, but goodness can still be celebrated.

A frantic phone call from an old and dear friend on the other side of the world sends Henrie O to the fabled city of San Antonio, Texas, in search of her friend’s devoted granddaughter, Iris Chavez. Iris had been working on San Antonio’s famous River Walk at the family-owned Tesoros Gallery, a shop renowned for its unquestioned integrity, excellence, and the priceless treasures it hunts for its rich and famous patrons. Iris has disappeared without a word and hasn’t been heard from since. Her humble…[more]

Book:Scandal in Fair Haven

Scandal in Fair Haven

Carolyn G. Hart

In her last tantalizing mystery, Dead Man’s Island, award-winning author Carolyn G. Hart gave us a colorful new heroine, seasoned ex-journalist turned sleuth Henrietta O’Dwyer Collins. Now Henrie O is back…this time investigating a brutal murder in a lovely southern town where wealth and privilege mask a hotbed of lies, sex, and deadly desperation….

Book:Southern Ghost

Southern Ghost

Carolyn G. Hart

Southern Ghost is a delicious Southern Gothic full of humor, electric suspense, and a beloved cast of characters.

Book:The Christie Caper

The Christie Caper

Carolyn G. Hart

A group of Christie buffs…In honor of Agatha Christie’s one hundredth birthday, mystery bookstore owner Annie Laurance Darling plans a week-long celebration of mystery, treasure hunts, title clues, and Christie trivia. Yet even as the champagne is chilling and the happy guests begin arriving on Broward’s Rock Island, Annie feels a niggling sense of doom. But the last thing she or her guests expect is that the scheduled fun and mayhem will include a real-life murder. The unexpected arrival of Neil Bledsoe, the most despised book critic in America, was sure to raise a few hackles. An advocate of hard-boiled detection and gory true crime, Bledsoe drops a bombshell on the devoted Christie assemblage: He’s penning a scurrilous biography of the grand dame of suspense herself. Before the first title clue is solved, no less than two attempts are made on Bledsoe’s life. Now Annie and her unflappable husband, Max Darling, find themselves trying to stop a murder in the making-only the first corpse isn’t the one they’re expecting…and it isn’t the last.

Book:Deadly Valentine

Deadly Valentine

Carolyn G. Hart

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