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Book:In a Dark Dream

In a Dark Dream

Charles L. Grant

A horror story written by the author of “For Fear of the Night”, “The Pet”, “The Long Night of the Grave” and “The dark Cry on the Moon”.

Jimmy Hale, a murderous psychopath who has somehow convinced his doctors that he is sane, is coming home. Glenn Erskine's young daughters are having nightmares of blood, death, and horror--each one a warning that Jimmy is on his way!

Book:The Pet

The Pet

Charles L. Grant

Teenagers are being slaughtered by the Howler, a serial killer who stops in small towns just long enough to kill, just long enough to tear apart a family and a community. When he strikes in Ashford, the town reacts-setting limits on teens’ activities, monitoring who goes where-and parents become paranoid.

Seventeen-year-old Don Boyd doesn’t need the grief. He’s already under siege-he’s got family trouble, girl trouble, trouble with his high school classes and trouble with the jocks who rule the school. Surely the Howler will kill someone else, somewhere else, and then Don can go back to trying to escape notice.

But the Howler likes Ashford. And one frosty autumn night, the Howler chooses Don as his next victim. The attack is swift-but it doesn’t go as planned. Suddenly the killer and the boy are surrounded by an unnatural mist, by green fire, by the sound of iron striking iron.

And then the real horror begins.

Book:The Nestling

The Nestling

Charles L. Grant

Book:The Last Call of Mourning

The Last Call of Mourning

Charles L. Grant

Book:The Sound of Midnight

The Sound of Midnight

Charles L. Grant

Book:The Hour of the Oxrun Dead

The Hour of the Oxrun Dead

Charles L. Grant

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