Author: Charlotte Gill

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Ladykiller: Stories

Charlotte Gill

In her debut collection of razor-edged short fiction, Vancouver’s Charlotte Gill explores the seamy side of sex in the city. The ladykiller of the title story gets his kicks from rubbing up against strange women in malls and parking garages. Other protagonists include a washed-up diving instructor who can’t stop fantasizing about his 16-year-old student, a confused young woman who drifts into a disastrous affair with her middle-aged professor, and barracuda-like twin sisters on the prowl for men on a Thai beach. In “Hush,” the most disturbing of these seven tales of contemporary urban life, a desperate couple fixates on the crying baby in the apartment below in a vain attempt to repair their frying relationship. “Hush” was a finalist for the Journey Prize, but an even more artful piece of fiction is the opening story, “You Drive.”

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