Author: Chassie West

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Book:Killing Kin

Killing Kin

Chassie West

Though she’s out in disability with a bum knee, Washington, D.C. cop Leigh Ann Warren has plenty of detective work to keep her busy.Her partner and former fiance, Dillon Upshur Kennedy, lovingly known as Duck, has gone missing, and everyone from shady criminals to fellow officers are on the streets looking for him.

Armed with a few seemingly unrelated clues, including a mysterious piggy bank and a dead body in her own apartment, the tenacious Liegh Ann sets off on an investigation that turns ever more dangerous the futher she probes. Following a deadly trail that leads her deep into the woods of western Maryland and into a killer’s lair, Leigh Ann suddenly discovers it’s Duck’s career and life on the line, but hers too.



Chassie West

Big-city cop Leigh Ann Warren is coming back to Sunrise, North Carolina, to escape the pressures of the job—and her guilt over nearly causing the death of her partner Duck. But things have changed here since she was a girl. Tensions over plans to develop hallowed ground for commercial purposes are tearing a once close-knit community to pieces.

Leigh Ann hoped to stay neutral, but a decades-old murder, newly unearthed, is dragging her down into a whirlpool of fear and small-town secrets. And a killer still lurking in the shadows of Sunrise is about to strike again—this time, too close to home.

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