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Book:The World of Weather

The World of Weather

Christopher Maynard

The World of Weather examines our atmosphere , the history of the science of air, all aspects of weather and how our climate has changed over the centuries. It is packed full with innovative features—intriguing moveable parts, fun flaps and fold-outs.


Bugs: A Close-Up View of the Insect World

Christopher Maynard

It’s a weird world out there…dazzle your friends with wacky facts and more from this mega new series. Did you know…The longest insect tongue is a whopping 28 cm—designed for sipping nectar from deep inside orchids. Honeybee queens use powerful scents to reign supreme over the worker bees. One species of cockroach can live for an incredible 90 days without food.

A full-color, fun, and informative series, Secret Worlds offers a chance to get your teeth deep into a wide range of fascinating subjects from nature, history, and science. Every title has: Easy-to-read narrative text written by a specialist who combines expert knowledge with an entertaining and fresh style. Superb color photography that entices the reader into the subject world with close-up views and dramatic shots. Weird World feature boxes that reveal a wealth of wacky facts. Tried-and-tested websites to check out the latest info. A mega reference section with even more facts and figures for the enthusiast. Suitable for children aged ten and up—as well as every other family member who is curious about the subject.

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