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Harlem: A Poem

Walter Dean Myers, Christopher Myers

Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and James Baldwin have sung their songs about Harlem. Now Newbery Honor author Walter Dean Myers joins their chorus in calling to life the deep, rich and hope-filled history of this community. Christopher Myers’ boldly assembled art resonates with feeling and tells a tale all its own. The words and pictures together connect readers of all ages to the spirit of Harlem in its music, art, literature, and everyday life.



Walter Dean Myers, Christopher Myers

From bebop to New Orleans, from ragtime to boogie, and every style in between, this collection of Walter Dean Myers energetic and engaging poems, accompanied by Christopher Myers bright and exhilarating paintings, celebrates different styles of the American art form, jazz. Jazz takes readers on a musical journey from jazzs beginnings to the present day. Time line, glossary.



Christopher Myers

One day at the basketball court, two kids, a familiar challenge—H.O.R.S.E.?

But this isn’t your grandmother’s game of hoops.

Not when a layup
        from the other side of the court
                     standing on one foot
                               with your eyes closed is just the warm-up.

Around the neighborhood, around the world, off Saturn’s rings, the pair goes back and forth.

The game is as much about skill as it is about imagination.

A slam dunk from multi-award-winning author/illustrator Christopher Myers, H.O.R.S.E. is a celebration of the sport of basketball, the art of trash-talking, and the idea that what’s possible is bounded only by what you can dream.

Book:Autobiography of My Dead Brother

Autobiography of My Dead Brother

Walter Dean Myers, Christopher Myers

The thing was that me and Rise were blood brothers, but sometimes I really didn’t know him….

And so Jesse fills his sketchbook with drawings and portraits of his blood brother, Rise, and his comic strip, Spodi Roti and Wise, as he makes sense of the complexities of friendship, loyalty, and loss in a neighborhood where drive-bys, vicious gangs, and abusive cops are everyday realities.

Printz Award winner Walter Dean Myers delivers an unforgettable novel about life’s hardest lessons, illustrated by Caldecott Honor artist Christopher Myers.

Book:Blues Journey

Blues Journey

Walter Dean Myers, Christopher Myers

Blues, blues, blues, blues, what you mean to me? Blues, blues, blues, blues, what you mean to me? Are you my pain and misery, or my sweet, sweet company? Renowned author Walter Dean Myers celebrates the African experience in America with a soulful, affecting blues poem that details the long journey from the Middle Passage to life today. Accompanied by Christopher Myers’s bold and powerful paintings, Blues Journey creates its own resonant music. Includes a time line, blues glossary, and author’s note.

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