Author: Christopher Wormell

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Book:Molly and the Night Monster

Molly and the Night Monster

Christopher Wormell

A fabulously illustrated bedtime story from Chris Wormell, with a big, reassuring hug of an ending.

When Molly wakes up in the middle of the night, she hears the sound of a step on the stairs. It could be a crocodile creeping up to catch her…. Or a giant giraffe outside on the landing…. Or an enormous elephant turning the doorknob and opening the door…. Or even a night monster come to gobble her up….

But when Molly surprises the tiptoeing beast, she gets an even bigger surprise of her own!

Book:Two Frogs

Two Frogs

Christopher Wormell

Two frogs are sitting on a lily pad and one of them has a stick. The stick, he says, is to beat off the dog. But there is no dog. Yet. So begin the trials of this hapless pair whose adventures build to a brilliant conclusion.

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