Author: Chuck Logan

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Book:After the Rain (Chuck Logan)

After the Rain

Chuck Logan

Headlights off, a panel truck drives by moonlight across an open field, following tracks that have been there for decades…

Nina Pryce and her husband, Phil Broker, couldn’t have more opposite views of the military. Broker’s loyalty to the men he served with in Vietnam is matched only by his certainty that they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Nina, though, is a new breed, a decorated and ambitious vet of the first Gulf War. As Nina proceeds along her chosen career path, Broker—until his recent “retirement,” Minnesota’s most effective, unorthodox, and controversial undercover cop—finds himself struggling in the role of patient military spouse.

The driver is a local entrepreneur taking advantage of a decades-old tradition of smuggling and bootlegging by crossing…[more]

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