Author: Clive Rosengren

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Book:Murder Unscripted

Murder Unscripted: A Hollywood Mystery

Clive Rosengren

Long-time character actor Clive Rosengren (Cheers, Seinfeld, Ed Wood) pens a sprightly tale of Hollywood sex and homicide in Murder Unscripted.

Nobody is going to mistake part-time actor, part-time sleuth Eddie Collins for a movie star. Playing in a chicken commercial, Eddie is almost relieved when he gets a call from a bonding company on the hook for an unfinished film called Flames of Desire. The movie’s female lead is dead under mysterious circumstances—which would be bad enough. Worse, the actress is Eddie’s ex-wife.

As a second body turns up, Eddie scrambles to expose one of Tinseltown’s dirty little secrets: what some people will do to sleep with a star. If Eddie isn’t careful, his next “exit, stage left” will be permanent.

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