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Book:The Unblemished

The Unblemished

Conrad Williams

From British Fantasy Award-winner Conrad Williams, whose last book from Earthling was called “a ferocious adventure” (Cemetery Dance) and “a blistering tale that reminds us of the genre’s continued transgressive power” (The Alien Online), comes The Unblemished

A blood-crazed lover of amputee victims. A mother determined to protect her only daughter no matter the cost. A serial killer who believes he is the rightful son and heir to a horrific, ancient dynasty. And one dying man who must make a stand against a horde of vengeful monsters who knew the shadows of London before the city even had a name.

This Halloween, if they catch you, you will beg for death…

The Unblemished is an original novel by Conrad Williams and the second book in Earthling’s popular Halloween Series.

Book:Use Once, Then Destroy

Use Once, Then Destroy: Stories

Conrad Williams

A serial killer is removing victims’ hands in a Venice shackled by winter.

A woman at the end of her tether finds a terrible release on holiday in the fens of East Anglia.

A man is haunted by graffiti, and finds that his road to discovering the perpetrator leads to death. and worse.

A husband trying to comfort his terminally ill wife seeks help in a forbidden zone from his childhood, where blood is the price of perfection.

In this spellbinding collection of his best stories from the last ten years, award-winning writer Conrad Williams offers the kind of horrors that move subtly into you, like pain, or love, or regret. They are stories that explore the scarred outposts of desperation and desire, sickness and death, sex and decay. …[more]

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