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Book:Cold Rain

Cold Rain

Craig Smith

“I turned thirty-seven that summer, older than Dante when he toured Hell, but only by a couple of years.”

Life couldn’t be better for David Albo, an associate professor of English at a small mid-western university. He lives in an idyllic, out-of-town, plantation-style mansion with a beautiful and intelligent wife and an adoring teenage stepdaughter. As he returns to the university after a long and relaxing sabbatical, there’s a full professorship in the offing—and, what’s more, he’s managed to stay off the booze for two whole years. But, once term begins, things deteriorate rapidly. The damning evidence that he has sexually harassed his students is just the beginning as Dave finds himself sucked into a vortex of conspiracy, betrayal, jealousy and murder. Unless he can discover quickly who is out to destroy him, all that he is and loves is about to be stripped away.



Craig Smith

Introducing a new master of the con-game story—this time out with a most roguish twist indeed. Ladystinger presents us with a mistress of the scam, but this prettiest grifter of them all may get herself double-looped by her own chicanery. Here is a tightly paced thriller about forty-eight fateful hours in the life of a very appealing and very resourceful con woman, who plies her trade in hotel bars among the unsuspecting marks of New Orleans and Jamaica.

Maggie Rohrer makes her living picking up wealthy businessmen, doping their drinks, and later robbing the unconscious victims in their rooms. It’s risk-free work, since these guys are usually very married, very embarrassed, and very unlikely to report the crime. And if they do, so what? Maggie’s long gone. A profitable hustle, yes, but with a down side. First, because Maggie’s not as hard-bitten as she likes to think, and second, because she’s hooked up with Barry, the sleazy mentor who keeps her…[more]

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