Author: Cynthia C. DeFelice

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Book:Cold Feet

Cold Feet

Cynthia C. DeFelice, Robert Andrew Parker

A creepy, wry ghost story.

Willie McPhee has fallen on hard times. Finest bagpiper in all Scotland or not, if folks don’t have a farthing to spare for amusement, a man could freeze.

Now, wandering near—shoeless in the dark heart of the cold woods, Willie McPhee has fallen on something else—a tree trunk, he thinks. But a closer look reveals it’s a man, a DEAD man, lying in the snow. A—A—A—aaaaaah!

A poor man is a practical man, though, and that body is wearing a fine—looking pair of boots. Soon Willie’s feet are warm…but who’s that tapping on the door?

Book:The Missing Manatee

The Missing Manatee

Cynthia C. DeFelice

All Skeet Waters wants is to catch a big, beautiful tarpon on his fly rod—and to keep everything else in his life in Florida the way it’s always been. But on his spring break from school, Skeet overhears his mother telling his father to move out permanently. Then, while riding in his boat to escape his parents’ troubles, he discovers a manatee that’s been shot in the head. Skeet puts aside his search for the manatee and its killer when Dirty Dan the Tarpon Man offers to take him out to catch his first tarpon on a fly. Because of Dan, Skeet begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding the manatee’s apparent murder and his parents’ dissolving marriage.

Skeet discovers that life is a lot like tarpon fishing, in which you can’t look just at the surface of the water—you have to look through it, at what lies beneath.

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