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Book:Gritos: Essays

Gritos: Essays

Dagoberto Gilb, Cesar A. Martinez

From “an important voice in American fiction” (Annie Proulx), a collection of essays that cuts to the heart of the Mexican-American experience

Winner of the PEN/Hemingway Award, Dagoberto Gilb is one of today’s most captivating and provocative fiction writers. Now Gilb offers a collection of essays that brilliantly portrays an artist working to earn respect—and find his place—as a Mexican-American in the literary world and the world at large, to say nothing of his singular and beloved borderland of Texas.

“Gritos” are the exuberant cries in Mexican songs, and Gilb’s essays are charged with the same urgency, sincerity, and musicality. In a controversial piece for Harper’s, he travels to the land of his mother, where Cortes first met Malinche. In “Mi Mommy,” published in The New Yorker, he tackles the myths surrounding Mexican woman, and in “Me Macho, You Jane,”…[more]

Book:The Magic of Blood

The Magic of Blood

Dagoberto Gilb

In this dynamic collection of short stories, including eight from Winners on the Pass Line (1985), Dagoberto Gilb captures the texture of the Southwest’s working class in clear, ironic, and bitingly realistic fiction about regular people going about their complex lives.

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