Author: Daniel J. Hale

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Book:Red Card

Red Card: A Zeke Armstrong Mystery

Daniel J. Hale, Matthew LaBrot

After living in a series of far-flung countries-and finding more than his share of trouble along the way-Zeke Armstrong thought he would finally lead the life of a normal thirteen-year-old when he moved to Dallas and joined the Sundogs soccer team. Instead, he goes to the Lone Star Invitational tournament and soon find himself in the middle of another adventure when someone tries to take his coach out the game-permanently. Will Zeke solve the mystery and help his team win the playoff, or will he ber the next victim?

Book:Green Streak

Green Streak: A Zeke Armstrong Mystery

Daniel J. Hale, Matthew LaBrot

Zeke Armstrong goes to New York for the Big Apple Inline Skate-Off… only to find malice in Manhattan. After another racer robs an aging heiress in Central Park, the police call it a mugging. 13 year old Zeke suspects that it’s part of a more sinister plot. Will he figure out what’s up in time to save the wealthy woman and skate the final race, or will the bad guys stop Zeke in his tracks?

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