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Book:The Ones You Do

The Ones You Do

Daniel Woodrell

Recently jilted by his young wife, Rene’s father, John X. Shade, has come back to St. Bruno. Broke, boozed-out and too shaky to hold the pool cue that once made his fame and fortune, John X. seeks the sons he abandoned years ago for more than an ordinary reunion.

Book:Winter's Bone

Winter's Bone: A Novel

Daniel Woodrell

Sixteen-year-old Ree Dolly has grown up in the harsh poverty of the Ozarks and belongs to a large extended family. On a bitterly cold day, Ree learns that her father has skipped bail. If he fails to appear for his upcoming court date on charges of cooking crystal meth, his family will lose their house, the only security they have.

Winter’s Bone is the story of Ree’s quest to bring her father back, alive or dead. Her father’s disappearance forces her to take on the outlaw world of the Dolly family. Ree’s plan is elemental and direct: find her father, teach her little brothers how to fend for themselves, and escape a downward spiral of misery. Along the way she learns that what she had long considered to be the burdens imposed on her by her family are, in fact, the responsibilities that give meaning and direction to her life.

Book:Tomato Red

Tomato Red

Daniel Woodrell

Daniel Woodrell has been called “stone brilliant” (James Ellroy); an author whose novels “make you whistle they’re so good” (Chicago Tribune). In Tomato Red, his 1998 New York Times Notable Book, now being published in a Plume trade edition, Woodrell brings together a trio of hard-luck souls desperate for that one big break.

All nineteen-year-old Jamalee Merridew wants is a one-way ticket out of West Table, Missouri. What she needs is a plan, one that includes her brother, Jason, a seventeen-year-old boy so pretty that “if your ex had his lips you’d still be married.” All Jamalee requires is a car, some cash, and a little muscle. Enter Sammy Barlach, an affable drifter, the kind of person “who should in any circumstances be considered a suspect.” The damage this unlikely crew does is mostly to themselves, and Tomato Red shimmers with broken dreams.

Discover the writer critics have hailed as a “backcountry Shakespeare” in his most entertaining and adrenaline-fueled novel to date.

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