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Book:Endangered Planet

Endangered Planet

David Burnie

Endangered Planet explores the delicate web of natural cycles that supports millions of species, from single-celled bacteria to the rare giant panda, and reveals how our ever-growing demand for food, fuel, and living space threatens to damage Earth’s habitats beyond repair. From the shrinking wetlands of southern Florida to the thickening band of greenhouse gases that covers the world, our planet is under pressure.

Could new technology provide a solution? Every year more of our energy comes from renewable sources, such as sunshine, wind, and flowing water, while the latest recycled products keep pollution and waste to a minimum. But with Earth’s human population expected to reach 11 billion by the year 2100, the struggle to preserve our planet will be the greatest challenge of this century.

Book:The Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia

The Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia

David Burnie

Come jaw-to-jaw with an amazing array of awe-inspiring prehistoric reptiles and other incredible creatures in this dramatic trek back in time to the dawn of life on our planet and the age of the dinosaurs.

Spectacular, full-color illustrations, photographs, and realistic dinosaur reconstructions based on the latest scientific discoveries bring each creature to life. The text combines hard facts about dinosaurs with interesting and intriguing details about their lifestyle and behavior. Species spreads detail the members of specific dinosaur families, giving information about their habitats and behavior, sizes, and the locations of fossil finds, while special subject spreads focus on various aspects of dinosaur life. Packed with dramatic photographs and illustrations, this colorful volume is an indispensable reference for young dinosaur enthusiasts and a captivating resource for the whole family.

Special Features: Comprehensive, chronological encyclopedia of dinosaurs through the ages. Timelines give a visual guide to prehistoric periods. Up-to-the-minute research focuses on the latest finds. Includes glossary and general index.

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