Author: David Garrow

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Book:Bearing the Cross

Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr., And The Southern Christian Leadership Conference

David Garrow

This is the most comprehensive book ever written about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Based on more than 700 interviews with all of King’s surviving associates, as well as with those who opposed him, and enhanced by the author’s access to King’s personal papers and tens of thousands of pages of FBI documents, this is a towering portrait of a man’s metamorphosis into a legend.

Garrow traces King’s transformation from a young, earnest pastor of a modest church into the foremost spokesperson of the black freedom struggle. The book’s central unifying theme is King’s growing awareness of the symbolic meaning of the cross as his sense of mission deepened, matured, and was transmuted by sometimes-reluctant degrees into acceptance of a life and a role that would end by demanding the ultimate in self-sacrifice.

This is a powerful portrait of a man at the epicenter of one of the most dramatic periods in our history.

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