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Book:Wild Hairs

Wild Hairs

David J. Schow

The essays by David J. Schow, whose regular column in Fangoria was well known for its rants and raves in the tradition of Dennis Miller, Harlan Ellison, and Professor Irwin Corey, are collected here for the first time. Schow spouts off on a wide variety of subjects ranging from the essence of horror to the perils of censorship to whatever happened to be on his mind at the time. These pieces are insightful, provocative, frequently witty, and always entertaining—which is exactly what you’d expect from the writer of “Red Light,” “Bunny Didn’t Tell Us,” and “Not from Around Here.”



David J. Schow

Has it really been over two years since David J. Schow’s last short story collection? Well, all that changes with Eye, featuring thirteen more trapdoors, keyholes and covert ops, all designed to ensnare you, rivet your attention, and maybe even scare you breathless. Take a look at the craft of murder, from either side of the window. Feast your eyes on some of the most lethally magnetic women in fiction. Get a gander at the world’s most scatalogical crime boss, spooky guys from outer space, monsters disguised as people, and actual humans with powers no less monstrous. Oh, yes, and Mexican wrestlers.

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