Author: Devra Lee Davis

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Book:When Smoke Ran Like Water

When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales of Environmental Deception and the Battle Against Pollution

Devra Lee Davis

From one of the leading public-health experts of our time, a passionate call to arms to protect ourselves from environmental pollution—and an astonishing revelation of how it’s already affected our health.

In When Smoke Ran Like Water, the world-renowned epidemiologist Devra Davis confronts the public triumphs and private failures of her lifelong battle against environmental pollution.

By turns impassioned and analytic, she documents the shocking toll of a public-health disaster—300,000 deaths a year in the U.S. and Europe from the effects of pollution—and asks why we remain silent. She shows how environmental toxins contribute to a broad spectrum of human diseases, including breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and emphysema—all major killers—and in addition how these toxins affect the health and development of the heart and lungs, and even alter human reproductive…[more]

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