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Book:Harvey Angell

Harvey Angell

Diana Hendry

Orphan Henry’s stingy Aunt Agatha likes her boarders short, to fit in the tiny attic space she rents out, and small, so they won’t eat more than two slices of toast in the morning. When Harvey Angell moves in, he fits the bill perfectly. He’s small, and best of all, he never eats breakfast.

Harvey Angell brightens up Henry’s life like a supercharged thunderbolt. But despite his Connecting Kit and claim to be researching energy fields, Henry is sure Harvey’s no ordinary electrician. He’s up to something. And Henry’s right. Because Harvey has special plans for Henry’s household. Very special indeed.

Book:The Seeing (Diana Hendry)

The Seeing

Diana Hendry

1953. When wild, dangerous, break-all-the-rules Natalie arrives in the quiet town of Norton, thirteen-year-old Lizzie is drawn irresistibly to the new girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Desperate for Natalie’s friendship and respect, Lizzie soon discovers a side of the town—and of herself—that she had never imagined.

As the girls grow closer, Natalie and her strange, eerie brother, Philip, reveal a shocking secret. For Philip has a second sight, and all around them he sees evil—‘left-over Nazis’ lying in wait until the time is right for revenge. Natalie and Philip believe it’s up to them to root these people out of Norton. Lizzie is swept up in what starts as a thrilling game—but the consequences of Philip’s ‘gift’ quickly spiral into disaster.

A chilling, powerful tale from Whitbread Award-winner Diana Hendry.

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