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Book:Le Divorce

Le Divorce

Diane Johnson

Diane Johnson, two-time finalist for both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, a noted observer of our times, has written a sparkling contemporary novel on Americans abroad that is hilariously insightful.

When California girl Isabel Walker, film school dropout, comes to visit her stepsister Roxy in Paris, she arrives on the day that Roxy’s French husband, Charles-Henri de Persand, has left her for another woman. Roxy is distraught and pregnant. Charles-Henri’s powerful and prestigious French family is counseling patience and acceptance, Isabel is soon caught up in the romantic intrigue: and Roxy’s parents are just as soon on their way to France to lend their daughter support. Add to all of this a contretemps over a painting belonging to the Walkers but given by Roxy as a wedding gift to her husband, which turns out to be extremely valuable. It is, as the French say, a situation. …[more]

Book:Persian Nights

Persian Nights

Diane Johnson

From the author of Le Divorce comes another alluring, fast-paced novel of an American woman abroad. While visiting Iran with her husband, Chloe Fowler is left to travel alone when he is summoned home unexpectedly. Initially drawn to the life she encounters in Iran, Chloe soon experiences frightening events that exposes the darker side of this “colonial life”.

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