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Book:Nemesis (Jo Nesbø)

Nemesis: A Novel

Jo Nesbø, Don Bartlett

Gripping and surprising, Nemesis is a nail-biting thriller from one of the biggest stars in crime fiction.

Grainy closed-circuit television footage shows a man walking into an Oslo bank and putting a gun to a cashier’s head. He tells the young woman to count to twenty-five. When the robber doesn’t get his money in time, the cashier is executed, and two million Norwegian kroner disappear without a trace. Police Detective Harry Hole is assigned to the case.

While Hole’s girlfriend is away in Russia, an old flame decides to get in touch. Former girlfriend and struggling artist Anna Bethsen invites Hole to dinner, and he can’t resist a visit. But the evening ends in an all too familiar way as Hole awakens with a thundering headache, a missing cell phone, and no memory of the past twelve hours. That same morning, Anna is found shot dead in her bed. Hole begins to receive threatening e-mails. Is someone trying to frame him for this unexplained death? Meanwhile,…[more]

Book:The Burnt-Out Town of Miracles

The Burnt-Out Town of Miracles

Roy Jacobsen, Don Bartlett

It is 1939, and the Soviets have invaded Finland. As everyone else in his village flees, burning down their houses in their wake, Timo remains behind. He is unable to imagine life anywhere else, unable to conceive of doing anything else besides felling the trees near his home. As Finnish forces prepare to take on the brunt of the Soviet army and Timo watches on, the citizens of a nation find themselves dragged into conflict and desperate to find a path back home. Filled with unexpected bravery, feats of survival, and the powerful and forbidden friendships forged during war, this is a powerful novel about the struggle to belong.

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