Author: Don L. Tiggre

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Book:Y2K: The Millennium Bug

Y2K: The Millennium Bug

Don L. Tiggre

Y2K: The Millennium Bug is about fallible, human people not about superheroes. Some are valiant and some are vile, but they all have to deal with their own problems in order to survive the chaos caused by the infamous year 2000 computer problem known as: The Millennium Bug!

Y2K: The Millennium Bug tracks the onset of the year 2000 and the results of the computer shut-downs, as seen by a number of characters with differing perspectives, education levels, and preparedness for disasters. Some people in America are more well prepared than others, and some take advantage of the collapse of law and order in order to pursue their own wicked impulses. Countries overseas have had their own Y2K problems, including Russia, where a series of cascading failures cause an accidental launch of a small number of nuclear missiles. …[more]

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